Join the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Rotary Club's "Clean Communities Coalition" to Stamp Out Litter

Our Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Rotary Club has formed a “Rotary Clean Communities Coalition” to keep our towns litter-free, and we need and want your help. We are seeking volunteers to join our Rotary members in removing litter from our streets and neighborhoods.

For two communities that are among the prettiest anywhere, the presence of litter on our streets and parkways is an eyesore. We need to pick litter up when we see it and encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same.

Rotary is an international service organization, but our service begins at home. We can’t think of a more tangible way to help out in our own communities than by taking this initiative.

Ideally, we could deter thoughtless people from littering. But that’s almost impossible to do. Rather than simply cursing the source of the litter, we need to develop an intolerance for its presence, rather than passing by it. The public works crews in our towns don’t have the manpower to patrol for litter. This is our responsibility as residents.

Our Rotary Club will have set days when we pick up litter along key highways and streets. But we emphasize the need for large numbers of residents to do this regularly, and not just periodically. Litter accumulates constantly, especially in the nice weather. We need to be vigilant about picking it up wherever we can on almost a daily basis.

We ask you to join our Clean Communities Coalition by taking responsibility for your own streets and neighborhoods. You can volunteer by signing up here on our website, by sending an e-mail to, or by calling our Club’s project chairman, David Barkhausen, at 847-337-8911.

We are taking our message to groups in the community, such as student environmental groups and scouts, the garden clubs, and open lands organizations. We will be recognizing and thanking those who participate. If you will join our Rotary members in stamping out litter through the habit of picking it up, we can make litter disappear very quickly and enhance the natural beauty of our towns. Thank you for your help.


David Barkhausen
Clean Communities Project Chairman